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Hee-Heon Song, 송희헌  
  “An Adaptive Strategy in Neural Tree Classifier for Large-set Pattern Classification,” 1995. (Andong National University)
Hee-Seon Park , 박희선  
  “Hidden Markov Mesh Random Field: Theory and Its Application to Handwritten Character Recognition,” 1996. (Samsung Electronics)
Bon-Woo Hwang, 황본우  
  “Face Reconstruction from Partial Information Based on a Morphable Face Model,” 2002. (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute)
Seong-Hoon Kang, 강성훈  
  “Real-Time Object Detection and Classification in Natural Outdoor Scene,” 2003. (Samsung Electronics)
Dihua Xi  
  “Form Document Processing Based on 2-D Wavelet Transforms,” 2003. (University of Waterloo, Canada)
Sang-Cheol Park , 박상철  
  “Camera Motion Tracking with 3D Geometric Optical Flow Models,” 2004. (Korean Intellectual Property Office)
Jeong-Seon Park, 박정선  
  “Automatic Reconstruction of High-Resolution Facial Image Using Extended Morphable Face Model,” 2005. (Chonnam National University)
Sang-Woong Lee, 이상웅  
  “Face Analysis and Recognition with Support Vector Data Description,” 2006. (Gachon University)
Hee-Deok Yang, 양희덕  
  “Garbage Model Formulation for Sign Language Spotting with Conditional Random Fields,” 2008. (Chosun University)
Chang-Beom Park, 박창범  
  “Real-Time 3D Pointing Gesture Recognition in Mobile Space with Cascade HMMs,” 2008. (Samsung Electronics)
Myung-Cheol Roh, 노명철  
  “A Semi-Dynamic Bayesian Network for Human Gesture Recognition,” 2008. (Kakao)
Mohiuddin Ahmad  
  “Human Action Recognition using Adaptable Energy Templates and Motion Description from Multiview Image Sequences,” 2008. (Khulna University of Engineering and Technology, Bangladesh)
Chang-Wook Lu, 여창욱  
  "A Study on Face Detection and Recognition in H.264 Compressed Video", 2012. (Samsung Electronics)
Heung-Il Suk, 석흥일  
  "A Novel Bayesian Framework for Discriminative Spatio-Spectral Filter Optimization in Brain-Computer Interface," 2012. (Korea University)
Xiaoyu Ding, 정효우  
  "Investigation of the Changes in Functional and Effective Connectivity Caused by Smoking Replenishment: A Resting-State fMRI Study with a Novel Analysis Framework,” 2013. (NIH)
Gun Bang, 방건  
  "Post-Processing of 3D Video Extension of H.264/AVC for a Quality Enhancement of Synthesized View Sequences," 2014. (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute)
Sung-Sik Cho, 조성식  
  "Real-Time Sign Language Spotting with a Garbage Latent-Dynamic Conditional Random Field from Continuous Image Sequences," 2015. (Hyundai MOBIS)
Ki-Hee Park, 박기희  
  "Movement Intention Decoding based on Deep Learning for Wearable Electromyogram Interface," 2016. (Hyundai MOBIS) 
Dong-Cheol Hur, 허동철  
  "Temporal Clustering based Modeling of Shared and Non-shared Expression in Conversational Facial Expressions," 2017. (NAVER LABS)
Nam-Gyou Cho, 조남규  
  "A Novel Linelet-based Representation for Line Segment Detection," 2017. (SK Telecom)
Tae-Eui Kam, 감태의  
  "Functional Brain Network Modeling with Machine Learning," 2017. (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Seul-Ki Yeom, 염슬기  
  "Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Brain Dynamics in the Loss and Recovery of Consciousness and Its Explanation based on Deep Learning," 2018. (TU Berlin)
Dong-Gyu Lee, 이동규  
  "Prediction of Partially Observed Human Activity based on Sub-volume Co-occurrence Matrix with Deep Learning," 2019. (Kyungpook National University)
Min-Ho Lee, 이민호  
  "Subject-Independent Brain-Computer Interface based on Large EEG Dataset and Deep Convolutional Neural Networks," 2019. (Nazarbayev University)
Keun-Tae Kim, 김근태  
  "A Subject-Transfer Approach based on Convolutional Neural Networks for Myoelectric Control of Prosthetic Hands," 2019. (Korea Institute of Science and Technology)
In-Youb Gwak, 곽인엽  
  "Recursive Long-term Prediction of Pedestrian Path using Ensemble of RNNs," 2019. Hyundai MOBIS
Dong-Ok Won, 원동옥  
  "An Adaptive Deep Reinforcement Learning for Transferring Strategy from Simulation to Real World," 2019. (Hallym University)
No-Sang Kwak, 곽노상  
  "An Error Correction Regression Framework for Enhancing the Decoding Accuracies of Ear-EEG Brain-Computer Interfaces," 2019. (SK C&C)
Jeong-Woo Kim, 김정우  
  "Prediction of Emergency Braking Intentions based on EEG Analysis with 3D-CNNs in Real-World Driving," 2019. (SK Telecom)
Ju Han Yoo, 유주한  
  "Robust lane detection based on vanishing point estimation using the relevance of lane marking features," 2019. (KIST)
Ki-Duk Kim, 김기덕  
  "Development of Human-Display Interface with Haptic Feedback for Real-World Assistive Applications," 2021. (LG Display) 
Minji Lee, 이민지  
  "Disentangling Consciousness with Explainable Deep Learning under Physiological, Pharmacological, and Pathological Conditions," 2021. (Catholic University)
Ji-Yong Kim, 김지용  
  "Intimate Bidirectional Ionic Conductive Interfaces for Brain-Computer Interfacing," 2021. (Neurowiztek)
Ji-Hoon Jeong, 정지훈  
  "Brain-Controlled Robotic Arm Based on Deep Neurokinematics Learning for Collaboration with Human," 2021. (Chungbuk National University)
Hong-Gyu Jung, 정홍규  
  "Metric-based Incremental Few-Shot Learning for Limited Data Environment," 2021. (SK Telecom)
Kang, Dong-Oh, 강동오  
  "Classification-based Multi-task Learning for Efficient Pose Estimation Network," 2022. (Kakao Enterprise)
Woo-Jeoung Nam, 남우정  
  "Interpretability of network decision beyond comparative gradients and neuron activation," 2022. (Kyungpook National University)
Gun-Hee Lee, 이건희  
  "Uncertainty-aware 3D Human Reconstruction from a Single Image in the Wild", 2023. (LG AI Research)
Sang-Hoon Lee, 이상훈  
  "High-quality Speech Synthesis with Hierarchical Variational Inference using Self-supervised Representations", 2023. (Korea University)
Ji-Seon Bang, 방지선  
  "Motion Sickness Prediction based on Convolutional Neural Networks in Real Driving Environment using EEG Signal", 2023. (Samsung Electronics)
Paul Bertens  
  "Network of Evolvable Neural Units", 2023. (LG AI Research)
Jeong-Hyun Cho, 조정현  
  "Integrating Multimodal Data with Deep Learning for Enhanced High-Level Brain Signal Decoding," 2023.
Young-Eun Lee, 이영은  
  "Brain-to-Speech: Deep Generative Models for Noise-Resilient Speech Synthesis from Brain Signals", 2024. (Korea University)

Ki-Cheol Kim, 김기철  
  “Address Block Location on Handwritten Korean Envelopes by Merging and Splitting Method,” 1992.
Dong-June Lee, 이동준  
  “A New Methodology for Gray-Scale Character Segmentation and Recognition,” 1992.
Hee-Seon Park, 박희선  
  “On-line Chinese Character Recognition with Elastic Matching,” 1993.
Eun-Soon Kim, 김은순  
  “Nonlinear Shape Restoration of Distorted Images with Coons Transformation,” 1994.
Young-Joon Kim, 김영준  
  “Direct Extraction of Topographic Features for Gray Scale Character Recognition,” 1995.
Doo-Sik Kim, 김두식  
  “저해상도 팩스 문서 영상의 구조 분석 및 인식에 관한 연구,” 1997.
Mi-Sook Lee, 이미숙  
  “셧 경계 검출 및 카메라 동작 분석을 통한 비디오 자동,” 1998.
Dae-In Kim, 김대인  
  “Automatic Evaluation of Handwriting Qualities of Handwritten Hangul Image Database,” 1998.
Young-Gyu Im, 임영규  
  “Text Extraction using DCT Coefficients and Macroblock Types in MPEG Compressed Video,” 1999.
Chang-Wook Lu, 여창욱  
  “A Study on Face Detection and Recognition in MPEG Compressed Video,” 1999.
Young-Min Kim, 김영민  
  “Fast Scene Change Detection using Direct Feature Extraction from MPEG Compressed Videos,” 2000.
Su-Won Sin, 신수원  
  “A Seamless Insertion of Virtual Objects into the Video of Sports Broadcast,” 2000.
Song-Ha Choi, 최송하  
  “Region Tracking Using Perspective Motion Model,” 2000.
So-Man Kim, 김소만  
  “Design and Implementation of an MPEG-2 Non-Linear Editor in Client/Server Environment,” 2000.
Ji-Yeon Lee, 이지연  
  “Automatic Generation of Structure Hyperdocuments from Multi-Column Document Images,” 2000.
Jae-Jin Kim, 김재진  
  “Design and Implementation of Streaming Hypervideo System using Scene Change Detection,” 2000.
Hyeong-Gi Roh, 노형기  
  “Multiple People Tracking using an Appearance Model based on Temporal Color,” 2000.
Hyeng-Seok Lee, 이형석  
  “Extraction of Camera Motion Parameters using the Linear Composition of Optical Flow Models,” 2000.
Dae-Seok Ryu , 류대석  
  “Parameter-Independent Geometric Document Layout Analysis,” 2000.
Yong-Beom Lee, 이용범  
  “An Algorithm for Measuring Similarities between Face Components based on Morphable Face Model,” 2001.
Seong-Sik Han, 한성식  
  “Tracking of Multiple Regions using Global and Local Motion Vectors for Virtual Advertising System,” 2001.
Sang-Woong Lee, 이상웅  
  “Robust Method for Facial-Feature Extraction in Various Conditions,” 2001.
Sang-Soo Kim, 김상수  
  “Automatic Face Detection for Face-based Person Verification,” 2001.
Hye-Yeon Kim, 김혜연  
  “Multi-View Face Synthesis from a Single Face Image using a Nonlinear Active Shape Model,” 2001.
Hyeong-Jin Son, 손형진  
  “An Effective Object Tracking Scheme for Interactive Video Authoring Tool,” 2001.
Hee-Jeong Kim, 김희정  
  “OmniTracker: A System for Visual Surveillance and Tracking Using an Omni-Directional Camera and Multiple Active Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras,” 2001.
Seong Yoo, 유성  
  “Design and Implementation of a Virtual Image Insertion System with a Sports Field Model,” 2001.
Gi-Taek Song, 송기택  
  “An Object Extraction Method Based on Histogram Clustering for Hypervideo,” 2001.
Hyong-Chol Choi, 최형철  
  “Design and implementation of a smartcard authentication system based on facial images,” 2001.
Yu-Hwa Oh, 오유화  
  “Glasses Removal from Facial Images using Recursive PCA Reconstruction,” 2002.
Song-Yi Han, 한송이  
  “Seamless Removal of Non-rigid Objects in Video Sequences,” 2002.
Seong-Hoon Lim, 임성훈  
  “Robust Contour Tracking for Deformable Objects,” 2002.
Sang-Ho Woo, 우상호  
  “One-class Least Square Support Vector Machine,” 2002.
Jae-Hee Jung, 정재희  
  “Design and Implementation of An Electronic Program Guide System based on TV Anytime Concept,” 2002.
Chan-Hyuk Lim, 임찬혁  
  “A Pedestrian Positioning Algorithm Using Stand-alone Global Positioning System and Digital Road Map,” 2002.
Myung-Cheol Roh, 노명철  
  “Performance Evaluation of Face Recognition Algorithms for a Korean Face Database,” 2003.
Ju-Seog Yang, 양주석  
  “3D Face Model Reconstruction Based on a Morphable Face Model,” 2003.
Hee-Deok Yang, 양희덕  
  “Automatic Pedestrian Detection and Tracking for Real-Time Video Surveillance,” 2003.
Dong-Whan Lee, 이동환  
  “Hierarchical Clustering of Gene Expression Data Based on Self Organizing Map,” 2003.
Tae-Yong Kim, 김태용  
  “Accurate Object Contour Tracking Based on Boundary Edge Selection,” 2004.
Tae-Ku Kang, 강태구  
  “Classification of Human and Animal using Motion Energy Image,” 2004.
Sang-Yun Lee, 이상윤  
  “Protein Spot Matching Using Delaunay Triangulation and Affine Transformation in 2D Electrophoresis Gel Images,” 2004.
Kwang-Woo Lee, 이광우  
  “Automated Spot Segmentation for Microarray Images Based On Watershed Transformation,” 2004.
Ki-Woon Kwon, 권기운  
  “Estimating 3D Object Coordinates from Markerless Scenes,” 2004.
Hye-Kyung Yoo, 유혜경  
  “Spot Detection Method in 2D Electrophoresis Images Using Gradients of Spot Boundary,” 2004.
Ho-Cheol Jung, 정호철  
  “Authenticating Corrupted Photo Images Based on Noise Parameter Estimation,” 2004.
Sun-Kyoung Woo, 우선경  
  “Protein Structure Prediction using Combined Homology Information with Structure Similarity,” 2005.
Song-Hyang Moon , 문송향  
  “Non-Iterative 3D Face Reconstruction Based on Photometric Stereo,” 2005.
Sin-Woo Kang, 강신우  
  “Protein Function Prediction using Protein-Protein Interaction Networks based on Hyper-geometric Distribution,” 2005.
A-Yeon Park, 박아연  
  “Robust Spotting and Recognition of Continuous Whole Body Gestures,” 2005.
Sung-Min Kim, 김성민  
  “Tracking 3D Human Body using Particle Filter in Moving Monocular Camera,” 2006.
Ho-Keun Shin, 신호근  
  “Robust Gesture Recognition Based on Curvature Scale Space and Hidden Markov Models for Human-Robot Interaction,” 2006.
Jung-Tae Bae, 배정태  
  “Adaptive Skin Segmentation based on Region Histogram of Color Quantization Map,” 2007.
Seung-Yeon Kang , 강승연  
  “A Logo Transition Detection Method for Opaque and Semi-Transparent TV Logo Recognition in Video,” 2008.
Sung-Sik Cho, 조성식  
  “Sign Language Spotting Based on Semi-Markov Conditional Random Fields,” 2008.
Ji-Hong Lee, 이지홍  
  “Real-Time Hand Pose Tracking and Finger Action Recognition Based on 3D Hand Modeling,” 2008.
Hye-Min Chang, 장혜민  
  “Human Pose Estimation Based on Common Body Component Analysis,” 2008.
Sung-Ju Heo, 허승주  
  “Two-layered Bayesian Network for Real-Time Recognition of Continuous Hand Gestures,” 2009.
Woo-Seok Ahn, 안우석  
  “Robust 3D Hand Tracking based on A Coupled Particle Filter,” 2009.
Dong-Cheol Hur, 허동철  
  “View Invariant Body Pose Estimation based on Biased Manifold Learning,” 2009.
Young-Jin Park, 박영진  
  “Online Conditional Random Fields,” 2009.
Min-Sun Yoo, 유민선  
  “Stereo-based Human Upper Body Tracking using Mean-Shift Belief Propagation and Inverse Kinematics Constraints,” 2010.
Sun-Woo Kim, 김선우  
  “Human Action Recognition Based on Pose Distribution in Various Viewpoints,” 2010.
Yuzhuo Wang  
  “Incremental Sparse Pseudo-input Gaussian Process Regression,” 2010.
Young-Mo Koo, 구영모  
  “Robust Hand Tracking based on Multiple Features from Fusion of Depth and Color Images,” 2010.
Nam-Gyou Cho, 조남규  
  “Adaptive Self-Occlusion Reasoning for 3D Human Pose Tracking from a Monocular Image Sequence,” 2011.
Ah-young Shin, 신아영  
  “Building a 3D Morphable Face Model based on Implicit Surfaces,” 2011.
Tae-Eui Kam, 감태의  
  “Adaptive Spatial Filter Selection on Time-Frequency Domain for EEG-based Multi-Class Motor Imagery Classification,” 2011.
Young-Myo Park, 박영묘  
  “Image Bases Extraction based on Non-Negative Matrix Factorization to Reconstruct Visual Images,” 2011.
Eun-Soo Choi, 최은수  
  "Illumination Invariant Face Recognition Inspired by Human Perception," 2012.
Seul-Ki Yeom, 염슬기  
  "EEG-based Person Authentication using Face-Specific Self Representation," 2012.
Soo-Gon Riew, 류수곤  
  "3D Hand Pose Estimation using an Appearance-based Particle Filter from Depth Data," 2012.
Dong-Oh Kang, 강동오  
  "Analyzing Impacts of Facial Components in Near-infrared Face Recognition at a Distance," 2012.
Min-Su Cho, 조민수  
  "Adaptive Multi-cue Integration in a Mean Shift Embedded Particle Filter for Robust Hand Tracking," 2012.
Seong-Do Kim, 김성도  
  "State of the Art and Prospect for the Synapse Modeling Techniques based on Memristor," 2012.
Baek, Seung-Yeop, 백승엽  
  "Effective connectivity analysis based on dynamic causal model in emotional perception," 2012
Hongfan Shen, 신홍범  
  "Contour of Objects Affects Lightness Perception and Responses in Primary Visual Cortex," 2013.
Inyoub Gwak, 곽인엽  
  "Feature Selection based Independent Component Selectionfor Remote Physiological Signal Measurement," 2013
Young-Jee Kim, 김영지  
  "Recognizing Group Activity using Group Interaction Energy in Group Interaction Zone”, 2014.
Jeong-Hun Kim, 김정훈  
  “Decoding 3D Trajectory of Imagined Arm Movement from EEG Signals”, 2014.
Il-Hwa Kim, 김일화  
  “Detection of Braking Intention in Diverse Situations during Simulated Driving based on EEG Feature Combination: Online Study”, 2014.
A-Reum Lee, 이아름  
  “View-Invariant 3D action Recognition using Spatiotemporal Self-Similarities from Depth Information”, 2014.
Cheon-Seob Hwang, 황천섭  
  "Scene Classification using Visual Word Weighting", 2014.
Young-Hyeog Jeon, 전연혁  
  "Sleep-Wake Classification using Actigraphy and Biological Signals on Wrist," 2015"
Dong-Min Kim, 김동민  
  "Gaze-Independent P300-Based BCI with Motion and Rapid Serial Visual Presentation," 2015.
Bum-Joo Kim, 김범주  
  "Intention Analysis based on Brain Signal for Participation Induction during Rehabilitation," 2015.
Hyo-Haeng Lee, 이효행  
  "Cuboid 선택을 이용한 시점 변화에 강인한 실시간 행동인식 시스템," 2015.
Sung-Jun Lee, 이성준  
  "EEG Pattern Analysis during the Elbow Movement according to the Different Weight," 2015.
Hee-Jin Park, 박희진  
  "Smart TV Control System based on Steady State Visual Evoked Potentials," 2015.
Se-Ho Park, 박세호  
  "Human Interaction Recognition using Actionlet Gradients," 2015.
Jae-Hee Moon, 문재희  
  "뉴로-피드백 기반의 집중력 향상 시스템," 2016.
Sang-Jun Lee, 이상준  
  "View-Invariant Human Action Recognition using Dense Trajectory Convariance Matrix," 2016.
Jong-Phil Kim, 김종필  
  "EEG-based Analysis of the Effects of Driver Inattention on Emergency Situation during Simulated Driving," 2017.
Jung-Suk Woo, 우정석  
  "Deep Multi-Feature Learning for Facial Expression Recognition," 2017.
Ji-Young Hwang, 황지영  
  "A Brain-Computer Interface Speller using Peripheral Stimulus-based SSVEP and ERP," 2017.
Yeong-Tae Hwang, 황영태  
  "Temporal Segmentation and Recognition of Human Activity using Various Order of Temporal Information," 2017.
Hye-Soo An, 안혜수  
  "Global Ranking-based Spatio-Spectral Filter Selection for Classification of Motor Imagery Tasks in BCI," 2017.
Bo-Ram Lee, 이보람  
  "Alteration of Brain-heart Casual Interaction between Electroencephalogram and Heart Rate included by Sedation with Propofol and Midazolam," 2017.
Hwi-Jae Kim, 김휘재  
  "EEG-based Classification of Wakefulness and Deep Sedation during Propofol and Midazolam Induced Sedation suing Global Spectral Principal Components," 2017.
Yong-Jin Kee, 기영진  
  "A Hierarchical Classification Strategy for Robust Detection of Passive/Active Mental State using User-Voluntary Pitch Imagery Task," 2017.
Seon-Min Kim, 김선민  
  "Instance Selection from Continuous EEG Data for Minimizing Calibration Time in MI-based BCI," 2017.
Pil-Soo Kim, 김필수  
  "Discriminative Context Learning with a Gated Recurrent Unit for Group Activity Recognition," 2017.
Suk-Min Lee, 이석민  
  "Brain-Computer Interface for Detection of Braking Intention using Recurrent Convolutional Neural Network," 2017.
Woo-Hyuck Song, 송우혁  
  "Oblique Aerial Image Matching based on Iterative Simulation and Homography Evaluation," 2018.
Da-Hye Yoon, 윤다혜  
  "Modeling Temporal Subclasses of Action for Online Action Localization from Untrimmed Video Stream," 2018.
O-Yeon Kwon, 권오연  
  "Subject to Subject Transfer Learning for Zero-Training Brain-Computer Interfaces," 2018.
Sung-Soo Kim, 김성수  
  "Coarse-to-Fine Learning of Pedestrian Orientation using CNN Representations based on Spatial Co-occurrence Feature," 2018.
Young-Seok Oh, 오영석  
  "보행자-차량 충돌 방지를 위한 객체 후보 생성 기반의 잠재적 위험 영역 추정," 2018.
Geun-Ho Choi, 최근호  
  "고속 영상 검색 및 분류를 위한 다중 분류기 기반 딥해싱 기법," 2018.
Byung-Do Kim, 김병도  
  "State Evaluation-based Monte Carlo Tree Search for Dealing with Continuous Spaces with Uncertainty," 2019.
Jong-Jae park, 박종재  
  "분리된 움직임 특징을 이용한 단계적 처리 기반 범죄 탐지 프레임워크," 2019.
Ye-ji Kim, 김예지  
  "Three-Stream Fusion Network for First-Person Interaction Recognition," 2019.
Ho-Jung Kim, 김호중  
  "The Analysis for Uncertain Curling Stone Movements with Pebble Wear Changes in Curling Ice," 2019.
Hong-Kyung Kim, 김홍경  
  "A Novel BCI Speller Combining Dot-based Visual Stimuli and User Voluntary Sound-Imagery Task," 2019.
Chae-bin Song, 송채빈  
  "Sleep Inducing Effect of Binaural Beat with Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response Trigger," 2019.
Soo-Hyun Han, 한수현  
  "Semi-Supervised Learning for Multi-Label Image Classification with Multiple Category Label Predictors," 2019.
Soo-Yeon, Han, 한수연  
  "Classification of Pilot's Mental States using Multimodal Deep Neural Network," 2019.
Dong-Geon Kim, 김동건  
  "A Robust Matching Network for Estimating Geometric Transformation on Aerial Image," 2019.
Yong-Deok Yun, 윤용덕  
  "Decoding Intended Forearm Rotation based on Intra-subject Transfer Learned LSTM Model from EEG Signals," 2019.
Soo-yeon Han, 한수연  
  "Classification of pilot's mental states using multimodal deep neural network," 2020.
Baek-Woon Yu, 유백운  
  "Classification of drowsiness levels based on a deep spatio-temporal convolutional bidirectional lstm network using electroencephalography signals," 2020.
Sung-Jun Park, 박성준  
  "Bidirectional Attention Network for Aerial Image Retrieval," 2020.
Seung-pyo Seo, 서승표  
  "Candidate target attention paradigm for P300-based spelling system," 2020.
Chan-ho Song, 송찬호  
  "Individual prosody control using generated duration and pitch via mel spectrogram deformation," 2020.
Kyung-Hwan Shim, 심경환  
  "Region-based Shared Robotic-arm Control with Intuitive Movement Imagination by using  3D Convolutional Neural Network," 2020.
Yong-Nam Jang, 장용남  
  "Zero-day malware detection using evolutionary generative adversarial networks," 2020.
Seung-Taek Oh, 오승택  
  "Attention-based skin disease diagnosis on imbalanced data," 2020.
Sung-Jun Ahn, 안성준  
  "Comparative analysis of relative camera pose estimation based on deep learning," 2020.
Jae-Geun Yoon, 윤재근  
  "Predicting motor imagery performance using resting-state connectivity based on dynamic causal modeling," 2020.
Jae-HyunPark, 박재현  
  "Two-Stream Aerial Image Matching Network with Bidirectional Ensemble," 2020.
Hong-sun Yang, 양홍선  
  "End-to-end cross-lingual emotion transfer for emotional speech synthesis," 2020.
Jouyon Park, 박주연  
  "REFGAN : understanding deep network decisions via reference generation," 2020.
Hanbin Ko, 고한빈  
  "Acne Grading with Confidence Polling," 2020.
Hyeong-Jin Kim, 김형진  
  "Automatic Sleep Staging Based on Bi-LSTM with Feature-Concatenation and Spectral-Temporal CNN Using Single-Channel EEG Signals," 2020.
Jung-Jun Kim, 김정준  
  "Generating Local-Scene-Aware Textual Expressions to Improve Visual Question Answering," 2020.
Sin-Han Kang, 강신한  
  "Counterfactual Explanation based on Gradual Construction for Deep Networks," 2020.
Jin-Woo Seo, 서진우  
  "Self-Augmentation: Generalizing Deep Networks to Unseen Classes for Few-Shot Learning," 2020.
Min-Sub Yun, 윤민섭  
  "Coarse-to-Fine Deep Metric Learning for Aerial Image Retrieval," 2020. 
Geonuk Kim, 김건욱  
  "Spatial Reasoning for Few-Shot Object Detection," 2021. 
Hyun-Woo Kim, 김현우  
  "Weakly Supervised Thoracic Disease Localization via Disease Mask," 2021. 
Hyo-won Kim, 김효원  
  "Training XNOR-Net with the Fourier-Series Approximation during Back-Propagation," 2021. 
Hyeong-Rae Noh, 노형래  
  "Duration Controllable Voice Conversion via Phoneme-Based Information Bottleneck," 2021. 
Ki-Don Park, 박기돈  
  "Uncertainty-Aware Portfolio Management with Risk-Sensitive Multi-Agent Network," 2021. 
Hyun-Wook Yoon, 윤현욱  
  "Audio Dequantization in Flow-based Neural Vocoder for the Accurate Waveform Generation," 2021. 
Do-Yeun Lee, 이도연  
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Postdoctoral Fellows
Myeong-Hyeon Yoo, 유명현  
Chang Ahn, 안창  
Jeong-Hoon Kim, 김정훈  
Igor T. Podlak  
Sung-Woo Choi, 최성우  
Myung-Cheol Roh, 노명철  
Hee-Deok Yang, 양희덕  
Han-Seong Lee, 이한성  
Xiaoyu Ding, 정효우  
Raja Majid Mehmood  
Sunil Kumar Prabhakar  
Hong-Gyu Jung, 정홍규  
Ji-Hoon Jeong, 정지훈  
Woo-Jeoung Nam, 남우정  
Sun-Hee Kim, 김선희  
Sang-Hoon Lee, 이상훈