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2 papers have been accepted in AAAI2024
이름 최고관리자 (admin@domain) 작성일 23-12-09 16:25 조회 853
저희 연구실 석사과정 최하영과 박사과정 공희조의 논문 두편이 AAAI2024에 최종 억셉되었습니다.

모두 축하 바랍니다.

  • H.-Y. Choi, S.-H. Lee, and S.-W. Lee, "DDDM-VC: Decoupled Denoising Diffusion Models with Disentangled Representation and Prior Mixup for Verified Robust Voice Conversion," AAAI, 2024. (Accepted).
  • H.-J. Kong, S.-E. Kim, H.-J. Kim, and S.-W. Lee, “Unknown-Aware Graph Regularization for Robust Semi-Supervised Learning from Uncurated Data” AAAI, 2024. (Accepted).

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